Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Sunday

At our house Sundays are anything but a "day of rest." They're a day for finishing up everything that didn't get done on Saturday, preparing for the week ahead, and driving Maia to Portland for Junior Blazer Dancer practice. While in Portland I usually take care of random chores and the grocery shopping. In keeeping with the theme of "randomness," here are some things I found while searching the internet this week.

Check out this guy seen dancing at a Boston Celtics game. The quality is not that good, but it is good enough to appreciate his awesomeness.

Here is another clip I found on one of my favorite blogs by Mr. Diggles. What this guy has to say is so true. We get so wrapped up in the latest technology, we forget that we used to be able to get by just fine without any of it.

And finally, I'll leave you with this dog video found on Funny Junk. Maia and Ainsley found this one particularly funny. We watched it several times together. I especially love the way his tongue is not able to stay in his mouth due to the lack of teeth in his head.

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