Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss Scarlet is on the Case

I always loved the game of Clue. My mom and I used to play when I was young. Of course you need three players to play the game, so we could only play when we were able to talk my younger brother into playing with us, which was really not that often. I loved being Miss Scarlet. She was so glamorous and beautiful. Sometimes I'd go with Miss White, the maid, for a change of pace. Mom was usually Professor Plum, but sometimes Colonel Mustard. We would search the rooms of Mr. Boddy's mansion to find out WHO committed the crime, WHERE the crime was committed, and WHAT they used as a weapon. Oh, I loved a good mystery.

Well, I haven't played Clue for quite awhile, but every once in awhile I get to play detective in real life. Today was one such day. I entered the kitchen and immediately spotted the first piece of evidence that a crime had been committed.

Hmmmm.....suspicious, but not that unusual to find a pair of scissors left out on the counter. Any one of my housemates could be the culprit. I must look for further clues. My second piece of evidence was located not far away.

Again, it's not that unusual to find empty wrappers lying around the house, but Tim is pretty good about throwing away garbage, so I was pretty confident in being able to rule him out. I had it narrowed down to the younger inhabitants of the house. I continued on to find more clues. The third piece of evidence...

A-ha! I was getting closer. I had a pretty good idea who had used the scissors to open a bag of nuts and dried cranberries before retrieving a tupperware container from the cupboard to pour the contents of the package into (you couldn't just eat them right of the package now could you?) and then proceeding to flee the scene, leaving behind a trail of evidence. It wasn't until I found the final clue, however, that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I had caught my culprit. One one person in our house would do all this and leave behind...

a square of American cheese. Only one person in our house eats these squares of cheese by the stack (if she is not caught before sneaking them behind the couch or into her room). Only one person would be so brazen as to swipe a slice of this cheese in broad daylight, only to forget all about it and leave it on the end of the counter along with all of the rest of the evidence. You guessed it....

Miss Ainsley did it. In the kitchen. With the scissors, and the cupboard door, and the cheese slice as the final deal breaking clue. Ahhhhh...I always loved playing Clue.

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  1. Love it. I can usually tell by the clues left over which of my kids committed the crime.
    Clue is also my favorite game ever. Have you seen the movie "Clue"? If you haven't, you are in for a wierd experience. It's one of those shows that is so bad it's good.